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Personalised Gifts & Accessories For Dogs

Our large range of personalised dog gifts and accessories make the perfect Christmas or Birthday present, or just a treat at any time of the year for your four legged family members.

Our dog blankets, dog bandanas and dog beds are all Handmade in Britain, and all or other pet products are lovingly personalised with your dogs name, in the UK.

Personalised Dog Towels

I just wanted to say that I'm over the moon with my dog towels! Thank you so much for your efforts to make sure they arrived in time as requested.  I can't wait to give them to my customers, I'll be so proud handing them over as tkey look so great. Keep up the amazing work - I'll definitely be back for more.

Nikki Blyth
Personalised Dog Blankets

Ellie's blanket has just arrived and it is beautiful, the size is perfect too ( she's Saluki x Lurcher ). So pleased that I now know about your company, very professional and speedy. Thank you so much and may I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Dog Blankets & Towels

Thank you for the speedy delivery,  I received my order already this morning. The towels and the blanket are of good quality and the lovely embroidery finishes it off nicely. I am very pleased with all of it. 

Personalised Dog Blankets

Very happy with my personalised pet blankets, lovely quality and very quick turn around for such a large order around the busy Christmas time. (I’m sure the doggos will love them!)
Delivery was quick and packaging was great.

Personalised Dog Blankets

Dear Deb I would just like to say how delighted we are with the fantastic blanket. We ordered from you just after Christmas,it is a quality product and I would not hesitate in ordering from you again.

Personalised Dog Blankets

Bought a gorgeous blanket for my King Charles, Ozzy, & it’s such amazing quality I’ve ordered another one. Really thick, lovely & soft, & a perfect size to protect my new sofa as I can tuck it down the back! Highly recommended.

Personalised Dog Blankets

Thank you Debbie for my gorgeous blanket for the new member of my family. Great quality and very quick turnaround. I would strongly recommend My Posh Paws. I will certainly return.

Personalised Puppy Blankets

I always order our puppy blankets from My posh paws. The quality is excellent and quick delivery.  Deb was excellent to get everything sorted quickly and the result is just gorgeous.

Personalised Dog Bandanas

Lovely Personalised Bandanas - great quality and fast delivery! Will definitely purchase more items in the future. A great way to promote my business too! Thankyou My Posh Paws

Dog Duvet Beds

Amazing quality, I have had a gorgeous bed for my dog Dylan which he loves, won’t hesitate to recommend x

Personalised Gifts & Accessories For Cats

Our collection of gifts and accessories for cats and kittens includes a range of personalised, soft, British made blankets, embroidered cat towels, cat food or water bowls, cat treat jars printed with your cats name, and comfortable cat duvet beds, made and personalised in the UK.

These cat gifts and accessories make the perfect Brithday or Christmas present, and are ideal at any time of the year as a treat for your cat or kitten.

FREE delivery on all orders over £45

Personalised Gifts For Dog or Cat Owners

A collection of gifts that are perfect for any dog or cat lover, including home accessories, bags and clothing, and a collection of gifts and accessories for dog lovers.  Ideal for Birthdays or Christmas, or simply as treat for yourself.

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